Over at my original site, I encountered a lot of mental illness throughout the years. Some of it was in daily life in person while the rest was via posted and emailed comments. It was intermittently entertaining but the great majority was just so fucktardedly moronic that I had to completely ignore lest it infect me. And I suppose if I had thought about it, I expected as much over here, but didn’t think it would arrive this soon. But in this morning’s email, what to my wondering eyes should appear but a fresh hit of digital effluvium spewed by (I’m sure) one of many crazies yet to contact me directly with his own speshul stamp of bat shittery.

I won’t legitimize the subject matter by posting it here but let’s just say that it involved a link to a doc involving China’s most notorious export and something about big corporations and a One World Order, so, bottom line, repent sinners, the end is nigh.

I blame social media for leading the crazy to my doorstep, but then again, it could have just as easily been an opportunistic criminal performing initial recon to setup his next mark for a potential scam.

The following is a summary of security related activity compiled by software used to monitor malicious activities perpetrated to B&E into my new digital home to smear shit all over the walls and to otherwise attempt to fuck up whatever it can. Keep in mind that I just debuted the website on June 22nd.

The kind of shit you have to deal with once you get your own domain and hosting.

You may be wondering why I’ve suddenly become popular in Eastern Europe but it’s to be expected given that the web host is located in what was formerly known as the United Soviet Socialist Republic.

Ah, Glasnost, ain’t it grand?